3 Reasons Etsy SEO Should be the First Thing You Focus on in Your Shop

3 Reasons Etsy SEO should be the first thing you focus on in your shop

Are you dragging yourself on the floor, trying to reach more customers and seeing 0 return on investment?

3 Reasons Etsy SEO should be the first thing you focus on in your shop

Stop dragging yourself to get working on your social media and invest in something that actually gives you sales

I get this question a LOT.

"Which social media channel should I focus on?"

Well, today I'm here to tell you that your first focus should not be a social media channel at all.

I hear ya... a loud, resounding "WHAT?!" ​is banging around your head, thinking this nutjob has lost a screw.

Well, I may have lost a screw but I gained lots of sales because of this one thing that I focused on...

Etsy SEO.

I'm sure you heard of it before and either dismissed it as an ancient, in extinction beast. Or you kinda threw together some titles and tags and hoped for the best and are now convinced that Etsy SEO is as mythical as a mermaid.

But Etsy SEO is not a mythical beast, I promise. It's real, alive and kicking and it's how I get 90% of my sales.

That's right, I'm not even really active on any social media channel (yet) and I still get most my sales from SEO.

So ​what is Etsy SEO?

SEO, as you probably know, stands for Search Engine Optimization.

In simple terms, it is optimizing our titles, tags and variations so that Etsy understands our listing is the most relevant result for the search a customer has performed.

Are you thinking to yourself right about now something along the lines of... "OK, but why is it so important?"

Well, I won't leave you hanging!

3 Reasons Etsy SEO should be the first thing you focus on in your shop

Your handmade business needs more free traffic

3 Reasons you should focus on Etsy SEO today

1. It's FREE traffic

When you are just starting out with your shop, and aren't sure if your product will have a market or if this business will be profitable, you're often hesitant to spend any sum of money on advancing it.

This includes marketing, paying for ads, etc.

And I'm here to tell you it's perfectly normal... but also a huge roadblock on your way to success.

Because as soon as you have one sale, you've validated your product, and you should be able to invest back into your business.

BUT (and that's a big but!) regardless of whether or not you are investing in your marketing, there is only one free way of getting customers (trust me, everything else costs money. Even "free social media". Shoot me an email and I'll go into the rant of why it's costing you) and that's...

Wait for it...

Etsy SEO.​

2. It's sales on auto pilot

Is there anyone in the room that doesn't like free sales on auto pilot?

If you raised your hand, please leave the room with your head covered in shame.

For anyone else still reading this, here's to free, automated sales (AKA Etsy SEO)!

When you make sure that people can find you on Etsy search, you are harnessing the power (and credit card) of over 1 million daily visitors, who are looking for products just like yours to buy.

Instead of working 14 hours a day to come up with social media content and strategies, all you gotta do is make a few tweaks to your listings and BAM! Instant gratification as you hear the cha-ching sound, as if by magic, on your phone.

3 Reasons Etsy SEO should be the first thing you focus on in your shop

Seriously. Can't tell me you don't know how to start on your Etsy SEO anymore.

3. Build it and they will come

Have you ever poured your heart out on a social media channel, just to have it wilt and die as soon as you turned your head the other way?

It might've happened because of sickness or a vacation but social channels turn dead silent when you aren't there to light to fire of conversation every day.

And that's probably my favorite part about Etsy SEO... It's set it and forget it.

You optimize once every 6-12 months, on average, and the rest of the time...

Well, you could bury yourself in the social media ditch, right? 😉