Top 5 Lies You’re Being Told and What to do to Still get Sales on Etsy

5 lies etsy experts tell you

​I am throwing in the glove today. I am tired of Etsy sellers being told lies and misconceptions and so I gathered the top 5 lies Etsy "experts" tell you in one place. 

Be warned.​

If I had a penny for every time I heard a so-called expert tell an innocent Etsy seller to use these "proven methods" or to "trust the system" to get on top of Etsy search, I could probably own my own jet plane today.

(Hmmm, where can I find someone to pay me for that?)

But, seriously.

Here are a few of the worst lies I've ever heard and what you should do instead..

1. Use Google Keyword Planner for your keyword research (or it's twin sister, use the suggestions Etsy search gives you).

  1. Comparing how the entire world searches vs. how Etsy customers search is kind of like comparing Gordon Ramsy with Samuel L. Jackson. There's nothing in common except they're both human beings.
  2. Using Google keyword planner also just got worse (as if it was ever useful for Etsy..) so even if you could extract some data before, you really can't anymore.

What To Do Instead?

  1. Go to Marmalead and check the average views per week for your keywords. It will also give you nifty ideas for keywords.
  2. Check out this nifty article where Marmalead compares how it ranks up against Google Keyword Planner (pun intended)/
  3. Stop relying on inaccurate data. There's no excuse not to use Marmalead. Just choose "dabbler" if you can't afford any of their paid plans.

Lies Etsy Experts Tell You

See this cow? It's lying.

2. Throw SEO to the wind, Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook/insert trendy social media is the way to go

  1. Yeah, you don't need those solid foundations in your new house. Just invest a lot of time and money into those shiny golden toilet seats and you'll be good to go. Whaaaa?!
  2. It's true, SEO is only a part of our marketing plan. But SEO is the solid foundation for your shop, without which you'd be working long hours trying to drive traffic to your shop while it sits sadly in the dark corner of the web, waiting to be found.
  3. SEO is the single most effective and easy to drive traffic for your shop for FREE. Who in their right mind would pass that up?!

What To Do Instead?

  1. Research SEO. Apply It. Wait. Tweak. Rinse. Repeat
  2. There's no magic button to SEO (isn't that a shame?). It's hard to wait for results to come in (give it at least a month!) but that's the way the wheels turn.
  3. A good place to start is our super helpful and friendly Facebook group.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet."

3. Don't you dare invest a single penny in paid promotions!

  1. I almost fainted at this one. For real. You could probably get a few sales here and there but you'll never be a successful shop without investing either time or money into your shop. And since time equals money, it is a wise investment to make.
  2. That said, carefully examine your investment options. Buying a service that would help you promote to your ideal buyers (Etsy Promoted Listings, One Time Blogger Feature Fee in your niche) is an excellent way to spread the word and there is more to promotion than actual sales. Brand recognition is super important, too.

What To Do Instead?

  1. Leave all your misconceptions behind. If you are not comfortable with spending money, try looking into goods exchange (an item from your shop in exchange for a mention on a popular social media channel).
  2. That said, be SMART. Choose influencers or promotion channels that make sense for YOUR brand and that your ideal customer hangs out in.
  3. If you are working with influencers, don't forget the legal side of things and write a simple contract. Protect yourself!

4. Join promo Facebook groups and Etsy Team to spam--ERR, I mean promote your shop and get more hearts and better SEO faster

  1. Uh, newsflash, Frodo, dear. Promo groups actually HURT your ranking. When Etsy sees a lot of traffic and hearts but no sales, they think something is wrong with your product and de-rank it. Not exactly the effect you were going for, right?
  2. Even if you got a lot of hearts from a promo group and Etsy did not de-rank you, Etsy's the sharpest nail in the drawer and knows these hearts did not come from search, so it does not promote your ranking in any way (because you didn't suddenly become more relevant in search).

What To Do Instead?

Sorry guys, I don't have a turbo button for this one.

Your shop and your brand are running a marathon, not a sprint.

The only way to actually beat the clock is to pay for traffic.

Otherwise, concentrate on building a following comprised of your ideal clients on social media or even better, build a website with lots of great content.

Mark Zuckerberg

Adam Audette

"You have to stand apart by offering high quality, relevant experiences to audiences that you truly understand."

5. Renewing listing to rank on Etsy is a waste of money!

  1. Etsy loves fresh shops. Fresh shops are interesting and attract customers.
  2. The way I see it you have two options: list a new item (once a week is fine) or renew an item. Etsy treats both as one. They cost you the same. Just decide which one works better for you and do it.
  3. If you choose to renew your listings, renew only your best sellers. If you don't know which ones sell better, just pick one.

What To Do Instead?

As I said before, keep it simple.

If you are able to make new products (1 a week is sufficient) and your listings are not trying to rank for super competitive keywords - just post new products.

If you are trying to rank for super competitive keywords (and succeeding, to a degree) then renewing those listings will give you an SEO boost.

So what should you be doing to make your listings rank on Etsy search?

  1. Make sure your keywords are ACCURATE. If you show a blue elephant balloon when people search for pink flamingo balloon, you're only sabotaging your own efforts. And don't even go that far, make sure the keyword you're trying to rank for is 100% accurate, otherwise your listing will get punished in search (Etsy's a smart cookie, remember?).
  2. Have at least 30 items in your shop. The more the merrier. If you are able to, aim for 100.
  3. Don't repeat your keywords more than 4-5 times. You can only rank once for each page (except if no one else is using that keyword and in that case I doubt it's a good one) so keep 'em fresh.
  4. Use Marmalead for your keyword research (no, I'm not an affiliate, just a huge fan).
  5. Change, test, review, improve. That's the only way for you to know what actually works.

top 5 lies you're being told and what to do to still get sales on etsy 3

top 5 lies you're being told and what to do to still get sales on etsy 2

top 5 lies you're being told and what to do to still get sales on etsy

  • Darron Chadwick says:

    Marmalead has lost its edge it started with a grading scale which was easy to work with but now my best sellers rank with C’s and D’s and I refuse to fix something that isn’t broken even Kara Buntin says not to change your listings if the are showing bad letter grades in Marmalead ranking in search is great but Sales data is far superior. If you can rank in search but your item won’t sell you have a bigger problem then SEO

    • Maayan says:

      I completely agree, sales > SEO.

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