Etsy Success Story: Shine Box Primitives

On the long journey to build a profitable, successful handmade business there are many valleys and mountains,

It's easy to get discouraged quickly and even give up on your shop if you never hear about others' struggles and victories.

Which is why I want to introduce you to miss Karly of Shine Box Primitives, a successful Etsy seller who is willing to share the secret of how she became profitable in her first year of business.

I had the utmost pleasure of interviewing Karly so that you can learn from her success.

3 Reasons Etsy SEO should be the first thing you focus on in your shop

1. Let's start at the tipping point. When did your shop really started taking off?

We were very blessed to have our shop take off shortly after opening on Etsy.

It took us less than a year to see a profit. I joined an online paid group for small businesses two months after we opened, and after implementing what they taught me, our sales skyrocketed from there.

2. How did you get started?

We got started making only reclaimed wood decor, but soon we decided to add the cast iron to the shop, and that was a hit!

My husband Jim's woodworking talent is really what gave us the idea to sell our items on Etsy.​

3. Why Etsy?

We chose Etsy because it was a good place to showcase our items for sale to an international audience. Our own website is under construction, so stay tuned for that!

4. What did the first few years on Etsy look like and what would you do differently if you would have started today?

We have been on Etsy since Aug 27, 2015 so just under 2 years.

We were definitely shocked at the success of the shop so soon after opening.

It was a lot of hard work, a lot of all nighters for sure.

3 Reasons Etsy SEO should be the first thing you focus on in your shop

Our first Christmas selling on Etsy we were overwhelmed with orders, so we hired Amanda to help shortly after that.

If I were to start today I would have definitely done some things differently! I would have planned a grand opening for the shop and sought out small business advice BEFORE opening the shop!

6. What's your favorite social media and why?

My favorite social media is the group I started for our shop on Facebook.

I love interacting with our customers and friends. I love hearing their ideas and the feedback on our products!

7. Do you do your own photographs?

We currently do our own photography, but we definitely plan on hiring a professional in the near future.

7. Any advice for Etsy sellers who are starting out?

Seek advice BEFORE you open your shop!

Plan a grand opening!

Research your target market and what social medias they use.

Support other Handmade small businesses, they will support you back!

About Karly

Karly Sevinsky runs and owns a successful Etsy shop called Shine Box Primitives with her fiancée Jim Hickson and their employee and Jill of All Trades, Amanda Forque. They make and sell reclaimed wood and cast iron home decor and gifts.

She runs Shine Box Primitives, which you can visit here.

You can also connect with Karly on Instagram or Facebook