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Back in January 2018 mine and tens of thousands of other Etsy sellers' world shattered.

The leading tool for Etsy SEO, Marmalead, has decided to close its doors to non-paying members.

You see, until then, Marmalead had a free plan where you could see basic statistics on keywords. a feature which was elementary and absolutely necessary for any Etsy seller.

But Marmlead has decided that its free users were not as important to them as profit and that day in January, they dropped the bomb and essentially shut off tens of thousands of sellers.

To say the community was shocked is an understatement. When paying members of their own community started asking difficult questions, Marmalead chose to delete their public questions and ban them.

It was a sad day.

That day, I decided to make good from the bad and I decided I was going to make my own Etsy SEO app. I just couldn't leave my people hanging.

One that will never exclude sellers who couldn't afford high fees or just didn't want to pay. One that would be honest, transparent and reliable.

There was only one problem.

Even though in my old job my title was that of a developer, I haven't really done any coding from scratch.

So I set out on my own impossible mission, trying to learn an entire new programming language, figure out how to connect to Etsy and make it all secure, and FAST, while trying to maintain my business and community.

It was a rollercoaster ride.

But today, four months later, I am proud to say that I did it.

Introducing: Makers Pro, your new home for Etsy SEO.

Makers Pro is the quickest, most accurate tool for Etsy SEO.

It gives you real time statistics directly from Etsy API (that's the backend through which Etsy lets you connect to its database), so that you can find keywords easily.

If you're new to Etsy SEO? I highly recommend the 5 Day Etsy SEO challenge to get you started.

The best thing about Makers Pro is it's super easy to use. In literally two minutes you could already have your first keyword all searched and analyzed.

Here's a short video that shows exactly how easy it is to search for keywords:

I created Makers Pro because it was time to be the change I wanted to see in the world.

I hope you enjoy it! And if you have any questions, please leave a comment and I'll be happy to help.

Happy selling!

  • Amii says:

    A huge well done Maayan. I probably speak for so many people when I say I love Makers Pro!

    • Maayan says:

      Thank you so so much, Amii! <3

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