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Struggling with sales in your Etsy shop?Find yourself restless, lying awake, night after night worried about money?

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I see so many people left dazed and confused by the plethora of information circling around Etsy about what you should and shouldn't do in your shop when it comes to SEO.

So I decided to curate my very best tips into a single, handy-dandy PDF so that you can always have it around.

​Once you implement all 10 tips you will already beat 80% of your competition.

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Maayan Naveh - The Etsy Revolution

Hi! I'm Maayan and I am passionate about empowering tiny Etsy shops to earn big bucks and make huge impact.

I am the brain behind The Etsy Revolution (although most of the time I feel more like Pinky)

Three years ago, I started my first Etsy shop, ecstatic about selling my handmade creations. I used to spend my days glancing at my phone, hoping to hear that heart-warming “cha-ching!”.

But all I ever heard was the resounding sound of yet another meaningless Facebook game invitation. ARGH.

I worked hard. I thought about new products, devised elaborate photography shoots with an unwilling toddler, I read every single one of those Etsy Seller Handbook articles. I researched, I joined teams, I took action.

But for all my good will and action-taking, for all my dreaming and my hoping, I'd only make a sale a month.

Then 2016 came and I resolved to succeed on Etsy. I decided to throw caution to the wind. I stopped listening to contradicting advice, I stopped going down rabbit trails and I decided to turn my shop into a laboratory experiment and crack the code myself.

I spent thousands of hours learning, testing and refining the science behind the art of selling handmade on Etsy. 

And when I was done, I started a brand new shop, implementing all my shiny new strategies.

In its first 10 days of existence, that shop did 130% BETTER than my best month ever.

And that, my friend, was when I decided I just could NOT keep those secrets to myself.

Grab Your Etsy SEO Fundamentals Cheatsheet Now

Don't take my word for it. Here is what some students I have had the pleasure to work with say about my programs and myself:


I just wanted to say thank you to Maayan for the SEO course.

I have been very busy getting my free listings done and after day 1 my views went from nothing to 14 and today I woke up to a sale!!!!!

I have done ZERO promotion for months so this is purely due to SEO.

It works people :)

Heidi Steen

I just wanted to mention how much knowledge Maayan Naveh has.

She gave me countless tips and insight into how to improve my shop.

We went over everything from my titles and tags, to my descriptions and my about page to my photos.

She made me realize where my focus should be in my descriptions and that being priced on the lower end isn't necessarily a good thing!

I'm still working on incorporating some of her suggestions but I have made quite a few of the edits she suggested, and I've already seen an improvement in traffic and sales.

She's a positive person who critiqued me in a kind way but still found the right words to use to tell me what I needed to work on.

She's wonderful!

Mandy Castellino Housenick

Maayan Naveh, you are my hero! First time I came to you asking for help with my shop , when I barely had views and a few sales. I told you my shop is almost dead and you are my last hop. You could tell me "Everything will be ok" and move on, but you gave me your time , wisdom, great advices, and the most important you showed me you raelly cared. I just started following some of your advices and guess what... I got 5 orders last week( I know it is not a lot, but it is just a start.) Thank you so so much for your help, your caring heart and for being such a sweet person!<3


I just found out that I was featured on Elle Sweden as a trend-setter!

This feature came from the listing you helped me find keywords for, thank you!

Keren Singer

Maayan Naveh, you are my hero! First time I came to you asking for help with my shop , when I barely had views and a few sales. I told you my shop is almost dead and you are my last hope.

You could tell me "Everything will be ok" and move on, but you gave me your time , your wisdom, great advices, and the most important you showed me you really cared.

I just started following some of your advices and guess what.... I got 5 orders last week (I know it is not a lot, but it is just start.)

You helped me more in the two months that we know each other than some other groups I've been a member in for over a year!

Thank you so so much for your help, your caring heart and for being such a sweet person!

Tatyana Passero

I can honestly that after following your 5 day free course my views and sales have increased amazingly!!

I had like 1 or 2 sales in total before!!!

Now I have 24 (6 weeks later)!

Amii Parsons

I was only able to see about 8 minutes of your Pinterest webinar 3 days ago ;)

and my monthly views went from 2.6k to 5.5k by only applying what I was able to see in those minutes!

You are awesome Maayan! I hope you do another Pinterest webinar someday


I opened my shop last December on a whim and frankly had no idea how to make it work. I read tons of articles, downloaded every checklist I could find, but they only gave me a vague idea of what I was supposed to do. Then I found Maayan's free email course. In it, she gave me a very clear and practical breakdown of the functioning of Etsy SEO and provided me with actionable steps to attract traffic to my shop. After having followed her training, one revelation lead to another. I started seeing a steady improvement in my stats. The first month after implementing some changes I had already doubled my views and 4x my orders. I am constantly improving my listings and on the lookout for new keywords and things keep on getting better. If you’re willing to put in the work, you can make your shop successful. Just pay close attention to everything this lady says, because she knows what she's talking about!

Tundi Varadi

I just looked at numbers of the last 30 days vs the preceding 30 days. Views are up 40% and sales have tripled! Thanks so much for your help and suggestions.

Sheila Douglas

Maayan has taught me a lot and her enthusiasm is contagious... I have gone from 2 sales in the whole of Auguest to two this month SO FAR! I can only attribute me to the things she taught me.

Without her, my shop would be lost in the wilderness!

Just to put it into perspective, in August I made 2 sales in over 300 visits. This month I have made 2 sales in just over 100 visits!

Angie Knights

I wanted to share something with you!

My conversion rates jumped from 0.5% to 2% after I met you!

Thank you so much!


Oooh it took me 5 months to get to 9 sales and I just doubled that in a week, now at 18 sales!

Your training is paying off!


I updated 5 of my listings yesterday, mainly new photos to fill up all the image spaces and I got a sale! Just one, but heck, money is green! I cant wait to see how all of this improves my shop! Thanks so much for all your help!


I took your Pinterest webinar last month.

I was just starting to revamp my business page and it has grown from zero to 69.2K views.

Thanks for your help.

Mary Ann

When I joined on 2nd August I had 274 views and 2 orders (from 2nd July-2nd Aug).

After taking your Etsy SEO Challenge my views went up to 504 and I got 9 new sales that month! (from 2nd Aug-2nd Sept)

Liz Turner

Hi, well I changed my tags and titles as you suggested last week and today I have just got my first sale.

To say I'm chuffed is an understatement.

Thank you x


SEO optimization and shop uniformity

By following Maayan's challenge along with her very own personalized advice, I was able to take my store from a mis-match of photos, pricing, and odd titles that were not leading me to visits or sales, and helped me turn it into a more presentable shop that I am proud to call mine.

My shop is still in the works, but with Maayan's help, I have already seen a drastic increase in daily visits, and have gone from having no sale months to having multiple sales over a couple of days.

My SEO for my items have lead to more views and sales than I could have done on my own, descriptions for my items are more precise, and my photos have improved greatly!

With Maayan's instruction, your shop will be on the mend and quickly growing larger and larger in no time!

I still have a ways to go to perfecting my shop, but Maayan has definitely helped me get it up and in the right direction a lot faster than if I had been trying to guess it on my own ?

Oh and also, thanks to your advice, I'm also selling my stuff in a boutique in NJ now too!

It happened that someone was looking for vendors to add to a brick and mortar store she was opening and I submitted my Etsy link to her with the improvements you suggested, and out of the flood of people that applied, me and a handful of other people were chosen to vendor on a contract basis ?

Lyndsey Nesbitt

Just a quick one to say "thank you" Maayan.

Since I started your course, my total sales have doubled and I get a lot more views. Thank you!

At this rate, I won't be able to keep up demand!

You've been a massive help

Beth Squirrel

​I want to show you one of my most amazing students. She's a go-getter and an action-taker and she has gotten some of the most incredible results I've seen.

Her stats for December 2016 (before she met me).

Student Success December 16

The JAW-DROPPING results she got in January 2017 after implementing my advice.

Student Success January 17

While the views almost doubled (which is nice, but doesn't pay the rent), her orders 13X themselves (yes, that's a whooping 1300% increase!).

Would you like to see this kind of growth in your business?

Grab Your Etsy SEO Fundamentals Cheatsheet Now

Here is what you will get from the 10 Foundational Pillars of Etsy SEO:

  • ​Find out how to get Etsy to notice you and start putting you on the first page for terms that actually bring you sales and traffic so that you can take that much-needed vacation and spend time with the people you really care about, doing the things that you love the most.
  • Learn to optimize your shop as a whole so that you get traffic while you cuddle on the couch with the hubby and binge-watch Netflix.
  • Find out how to choose keywords based on actual statistics and stop drawing your keywords out of your hat so that you will actually get a boost in traffic instead of appearing on page 365 for terms like "cute hat".
  • Find out who can you trust when finding tags for your items? (Psst, it's not you!)

But mommy... do I have to do my SEO today?!

Do you like throwing money to the wind? And I mean literal 50$ bills. The kind you just used to go out to the movies last night.

Me neither, and I'm sorry to burst your bubble but that's EXACTLY what you’re doing when you are not investing in your shop's SEO.

You are literally leaving money at the table for every minute you leave your listings unoptimized

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