Is Your Etsy Shop Slow? Try These 8 Ideas to Get Back on Track

Is Your Etsy Shop Slow?


You managed to go through Thanksgiving without gaining more than 5 pounds, you blasted through Black Friday (week) without spending our entire yearly income, only to be hit by Christmas while tumbling through through New Year's without losing your sanity or your self control (I hope!) and here you are. At the dawn of a new year, eagerly awaiting your phone to cha-ching and make up for your holiday shopping spree.

But it doesn't.

​Is your Etsy shop slow?

You can blame it on the fact that everybody already spent their budget on these other money-sucking holidays, that people are still hungover from New Year's or they just got too many presents during the holidays but the fact of the matter is, January is one of the slowest months of the year.

But doesn't have to be!

One of Etsy's greatest features is: it's an international marketplace.

While there is an ebb and flow in sales as seasons and holidays come and go, they don't come to a screeching halt altogether. There's still hope!

Is Your Etsy Shop Slow?

Does your Etsy shop feel like it's losing in the snail race?

So what should you do when sales are slow?

Firstly, focus on laying the foundation to a healthy business:

1. Organize your finances. Open a business bank account, sit with your accountant or bookkeeper and review the year + plan for the next year.

2. Lay down frameworks that will organize and double your productivity. For example, maybe you could prepare the shipping materials in advance? Maybe there's a common base for your custom orders that you can prepare in advance?

3. Negotiate your prices. From your internet provider, through your phone, supplier and services - all of the products and services you consume in your business can be optimized during this time. Negotiate your prices and your terms, look for trustworthy alternatives and make sure you know exactly what you're paying for.

4. Plan for the year ahead. Plan your social media, your supporting content, your next product line, your marketing strategy.

5. Go through your shop and improve on everything. Make sure your listings rank high on Marmalead. Check which ones got actual views and sales and optimize those that performed poorly. Rewrite descriptions, take better photos, review your about page, etc. Use this troubleshooting guide to find out what to focus on first.

6. Start researching or refocusing on your preferred social media platforms. How can you reach more people? How can you engage them enough to buy from you? Avoid these common Pinterest mistakes.

7. Plan and execute promotions (promotions don't have to be a discount! Think outside the box!). Giveaways, contests and so on all contribute to high engagement and tend to go viral.

8. Start working on your PR. Reach out to appropriate bloggers/instagram influencers or even other shops in related niches and collaborate with them or have them promote you, find publications to write for or to promote your content, reach out to magazine editors and journalists that might cover your story or your products.

Key Takeaway:

See, there's a lot more we can do than sit there and sulk that we're getting little to no sales and you have a much better use of your time than going on facebook groups or Etsy teams and asking if everyone else's sales are down too.

Invest this time wisely and it will return 10x when the season picks up.

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Is Your Etsy Shop Slow