Ever feel like you HAVE to do something?

When I just started out, I was EVERYWHERE.

We're talking Etsy, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest with an eye out for snapchat and more, and more and more...

I was trying to juggle everything simultaneously, posting to facebook thrice a day, once a day to instagram, producing new products and pinning while I was in the bathroom (seriously) because there was just NOT. ENOUGH. TIME. IN. THE. DAY.

You know this feeling?

I was obsessed with social media because I thought that was the only way to get traffic to my Etsy shop.

It's what everyone was telling me to do. You know how that works? Wherever you look there's some other "mentor" telling you that insta is the new hotcakes, that fb is the real deal or that pinterest is where the money's at.

The problem with being everywhere though, is that casting too wide of a net will fish you all sorts of trash.

Translation: it'll get you nowhere.

You don't have to take an instagram snapshot before every cup of coffeee...

Now, don't get me wrong, being everywhere is WONDERFUL!

But it's not for you if you're a one-(wo)man-show.

You simply cannot do it all. There's no time enough in the day to possibly fit in all the responsibilities we have, and adding a thousand social media channels is plain cruel.

And I don't know about you, but the reason I started my business to begin with is that I won't have to work 19 hour days like I did in my old high-tech job (yes, seriously).

I built it because, well, kids.

I built it to have the freedom I always lacked in my corporate job. To take a day off when I feel like cuddling with my minky blanket, kitten and my favorite book every now and again. 

I built it so I could raise my children the way I believed, so I could support our family without sacrificing my life.

And I wasn't about to give that up for another social media channel.

Are you?

Is everyone is pointing you in different directions?

So then, the question begs, what's the alternative?

I am a firm believer that you should NOT be everywhere. You should be where you're comfortable, where your time allows and where you actually enjoy yourself.

So choose one social media platform today and focus on that for the next 6-12 months.

Really master it, get results and only then expand, IF you see fit.

Rinse and repeat.

And as time goes on, you'll become more efficient. You'll get more done in a shorter amount of time. You'll get more engagement more easily.

Don't let "them" convince you to spread yourself too thin.

Choose what works for you and your business and ROCK that platform!

Here's to freedom!