Conquer Social Media Overwhelm With These 25 Post Ideas for Your Etsy Shop

Are you burnt out on social media? Do you have no idea what to post next? Conquer social media with these 25 post ideas for your Etsy shop.

You know how it starts. You get all excited about a shiny new social media platform (or you read somewhere that you just HAVE to use that platform to promote your Etsy shop) and you excitedly create a post. And then another. And then another.

Until at some point (like, the 3rd day if you're like me) you start feeling it weighing in. You can't possibly come up with all these post ideas AND work on your orders AND create new products AND write for your blog AND do shop updates...

And as it goes on, you find yourself fresh out of ideas, no matter which social media channel you're on. And when you try to look for ideas online, all that comes up is service-based business ideas, which do nothing for your product-based business.

That's why I decided to finally round up all of my best content ideas for your social media, no matter which ones you're on.

Let's kick overwhelm's ass together, shall we?​ All you have to do is post, rinse, repeat.

25 brilliant content ideas for your social media

1. Behind the scenes sneak peek

While you may think that your life and your business are boring, us human beings are nosey by design.

Give your customers a look into your design process, your family time, your home, your studio or your desk. Show them where you drop your packages. Show them how your items are made, how they're packaged or what your order process (or creation process).

2. Sales or coupons

Lost for ideas? A flash sale is always a fun way to engage your customers.

3. Shout outs

Who is your ideal customer? Give them a shout out. Who do they care about? Give them a shout out. For example, if you're targeting moms, give single moms a shoutout. Or working moms. Or any moms.

4. Answer Frequently Asked Questions about your products

One question at a time please (unless it's a blog post). If you don't usually get asked anything, just make it up 😉

You can use this type of post to answer the objections your ideal customer might have about your product. For example, if you know your brides find it hard to justify paying 100$ for their own custom wedding book, you could post a question like "why should I invest in a custom wedding book" and answer with all the reasons why they should.​

5. Mention upcoming holidays

Upcoming holidays are a great way to engage your audience, (even silly holidays) like Mother's day, like burrito day, or like mismatched shoes day (it's real!). Just make sure it aligns with your brand.

Upcoming announcements and sharing snippets of your day or of your workspace are a great way to connect with your followers

6. Tease new and upcoming products

Make your audience guess which product you're working on by posting a picture that hints at it or just show the beginning of your working process and hint at what's coming.

It's a great way to pique their curiosity and​ keep them coming to your page to find out what it is.

7. Post a one question quiz

It could be about your biz or about anything your ideal customer cares about (if it's brides, ask them what is the #1 wedding style in the US, for example). You could even give away discount codes or gift cards to your shop to the first winner, to encourage people to participate.

8. Show your product from a new angle

Yup, it's that simple. Rotate between a full product picture, a lifestyle picture, a packaged picture, maybe even an unboxing video for full effect.

9. Tour the shop / studio

Even if you don't have an official studio or shop, lay out your products on shelves or on the table and just tour it with video or images.

10. Art fairs / Craft Shows / Gallery expositions

If you participated in any craft shows or art fairs, show pictures of your booth, your display or even an overview of the show or fair, so that your customer could see what their missing (it's also great for social proof).

11. Wisdom Quotes

Again, only if they're related to your ideal customer.​ So if you're serving the boho-chic teen, find quotes from boho-chic trend-setters and use those.

Use Canva to design it and the ultimate list of stock photography  to find gorgeous photos for your background.

12. Reveal something about yourself

Give your audience a quirky detail about yourself (such as, you don't like ice cream, or you own a backyard flock). Tell them about the book you're currently reading or your latest movie hangover, etc.

This makes you more relatable and likable, which helps your audience trust you, which makes them, in turn, buy from you.

Nothing helps your customers connect with you than seeing a glimpse of your life, yourself or your opinions. Share the good along with the bad (in moderation) to increase likability.

13. Show your product as it's being used.

If you haven't already, start collecting pictures and videos from your customers and use those on social media to generate social proof.

If you would like to get ahead of the system, you can use your product yourself or let your friends use it and take pictures of that :)​

14. Take a video of yourself as you're working.

It can be live, or not, but let your audience watch you are you work, like a peek over your shoulders, your followers will be thrilled to see your process.

15. Announcements and Milestones

Let your followers know when you've reached a milestone. It could be your 100th follower or your 1000th order, it doesn't matter. They'd be happy to celebrate with you (especially if you give them an incentive like a discount or a giveaway).

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