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Ever feel like you HAVE to do something?

When I just started out, I was EVERYWHERE.We’re talking Etsy, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest with an eye out for snapchat and more, and more and more…I was trying to juggle everything simultaneously, posting to facebook thrice a day, once a day to instagram, producing new products and pinning while I was in the bathroom (seriously) because […]

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3 Signs You Should Raise Your Prices

Are you charging as much as you think you’re worth?Do you have a pricing system or are you just shooting in the dark, hoping to hit a clay pigeon, 200 miles away from you, flying at 300mph?As creatives our first instinct is to undervalue our work and charge a ridiculously low price for it.Another common […]

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3 Top Ways to Use Your Competitors to Your Benefit

Nobody really thinks their competitors are a good thing… Right?Wrong! Your competitors are probably the best thing that has ever happened to you.That’s because your competitors have gone through the long, winding road called your creating a successful business.They’ve done it all, long before you came: they found your ideal customer, they tested out what […]

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3 Top Ways to Get More Traffic and More Sales

There is only one universal issue that hangs over the neck of every Etsy seller and threatens to drown them in the sea of unfinished products and unpaid bills.It’s not enough traffic.Let’s do the math together, OK?An average e-commerce store (that would be your Etsy shop) converts at about 100:1.That means that for every 100 […]

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