Hi, my name is Maayan

It was a dark, cold night...

The year is 2016. I put on my sweats and plop into bed, my husband at my side, when I turn around abruptly and say, "I have to let them know about this!"

He's looking at me amused but attentively listens to my one-hour-long-sermon about my new findings and how I'm going to start yet another business.

You see, at 30 years old I've already poured my heart and soul into three failing businesses. But tonight, a new kind of excitement keeps me from sleeping because I just know that I can't keep this gold-mine to myself.

You see, I have just discovered Etsy SEO. After pouring hours and hours of work into my business for three miserable years and only getting 12 sales, I was on the verge of a breakdown.

In my frantic, this-is-the-last-time-I'm-going-to-try search for how in the world to succeed on Etsy, I stumbled upon an Etsy SEO training.

Until that point, I have been throwing random phrases at the tags and title sections of my listings, phrases like "cute baby hat" and "pink crochet sweater" brrr! Just the thought of these makes me cringe.

But that night, something magical happened. As I was listening to this training the lightbulbs just kept going off.
When the video finished, I remember thinking "there's absolutely no way it's THAT simple".

So I put it to the test, changing the title and tags on one listing.
I eagerly refreshed and after about 3 seconds, my listings was number 6 on the very first page for my search term.

In total shock and disbelief, I tried this on another listing, then another listing, and they all climbed to the first positions on the first page.

I was hooked.

And I knew that I couldn't keep this information for myself, that other sellers had to know about this, and the sooner the better!

And this, my friend, is how Makers Pro was born.

At first, I was teaching other sellers about Etsy SEO, marketing and everything else a successful Etsy shop needs, but then, one .

Then, one fateful morning in late 2017, in the middle of my famous Etsy SEO challenge, I woke up to discover that dear Marmalead, whose app I was using to teach sellers to do their SEO, has decided to pull the carpet under us all and turn their back on tens of thousands of sellers, just because they were on the free plan.

I, along with thousands of my challenge participants, was appalled.
Everything about the way they've done this was disrespectful and they obviously didn't appreciate all those sellers who made them the most popular Etsy SEO tool at the time.

I finished the challenge strong but with a growing belief that I just had to do something about it.

So the next morning, on top of my household chores, business chores and general life commitments, I set out to learn how to code, so that I could write my own Etsy SEO tool.
One that would accept all sellers, free of charge, one that would never betray them.

And in February 2018 I launched Makers Pro.
The rest, as they say, is history...

Before meeting Maayan I was a little lost and frustrated. I felt like I was lacking direction and knowledge. 

Maayan has been a huge help in increasing my sales from 1 or 2 all the way to 60!

I think this has taken a good few months but it also took me the same amount of time to get just 1 sale in the beginning.

She’s super helpful, really approachable and very knowledgeable. I got more sales!!

I feel more in control and more knowledgeable.

Before I knew Maayan, I was very overwhelmed about starting an Etsy shop. I set up my shop in name only in the middle of last year, but I was too afraid and unsure what to do with it that I left it empty. 
I was so unsure about how to even start listing items. I'd read bits of information from various sources about how important it was to list everything correctly and how hard it all is. I'd read that it's a battle to do well on Etsy. 
Before I started my journey with Maayan, I had zero listing, which in turn meant zero sales. 
I got my first sale after a couple of weeks of listing some items.4 weeks later, I've already had 15 sales.
Today I have 307 sales! 
I also want to add that Maayan is an incredible mentor. She has a way of making you feel like she has your back and she is rooting for you to succeed. She is very open, honest, humble, friendly and above all, will go out of her way to help you.

I felt that I was shooting in the dark.

I was creating lovely items that nobody was seeing, and averaging about 4 sales a month.

It was very disheartening.

Now my number of sales has doubled despite 3 trips to the UK this year.

Now my next goal is double figures of sales per month!!

Yours truly,

Maayan Naveh

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