6 Reasons You Aren’t Making Enough Money on Etsy

You Aren't Making Enough Sales on Etsy

Ever wondered why your shop is not taking off? Why everyone else seem to have a successful Etsy shop and yours is stranded in the dark, far corner of Etsy, collecting its tears in a jar?

Well, today's your lucky day! I'm about to unveil 6 of the most common reasons your Etsy shop isn't paying your bills...​

1. You got Shiny Business Syndrome​

Shiny Business Syndrome (or SBS in short) is a horrible condition many unsuspecting entrepreneurs get. It is contagious and it is super dangerous.

Symptoms: dizziness, lack of sleep, stress, anxiety and eating disorders.


SBS is usually caused by slow or struggling businesses, where the unsuspecting entrepreneur begins to think that they are better off selling something else, or utilizing a different talent in order to make more money. 

Instead of investing in the current business and getting past the grind phase, they often succumb to the shiny, glittery, dreamy life beyond the rainbow, where they are now selling anything but the business they started.



If you suspect you got Shiny Business Syndrome, call a friend IMMEDIATELY to slap you hard and get your feet back on the ground. You're not going ANYWHERE before you make THIS business successful.​

2. You're too busy creating (Naivety Syndrome)

Naivety Syndrome is a horrible state where instead of running a business, you're just creating some items to put on your Etsy shop, hoping to make some money to cover your yarn addiction.

Symptoms: confusion as to why no one bought your awesome product yet, free time, relaxed attitude towards life

Causes: Naivety Syndrome is common in beginner Etsy sellers and may be attributed to lack of business knowledge or spending too much time on Netflix.

It is thankfully not contagious, but does lead to deep depression and confusion, sometimes resulting in violent bursts of tears.

One has usually watched too many movies to tell fact from fiction and ends up believing that if they build it, they will come. Sadly, this is not how life works. The unsuspecting victim will either wake up to that realization some day or end up as a bitter old cat lady.

Cure: Research, preferably among other online e-commerce entrepreneurs.


If you suspect you got Naivety Syndrome, get online STAT. Start researching what it takes to build a successful Etsy shop and you will soon be awakened to the realization that a business is very different from a hobby and on Etsy, hobbies don't last.

3. You're focusing on the wrong things (Social Butterfly Syndrome)

Social Butterfly Syndrome is thankfully not contagious, but it does cause extreme state of distress. It's when the subject is on ALL the social media, instead of focusing on the things that will grow her shop.

Symptoms: constant stress, lack of sleep, doziness and an addiction to coffee.

Causes: usually misinformation. Someone recommended you should get on Instagram, because it's the fastest growing social media in 2017, then you saw that snapchat is now a thing and periscope is gaining traction, and, and, and...

Cure: A blindfold. But seriously, a good splash of water to the face and a good night sleep will usually put you in the right mind to see that if you spread yourself too thin, you'll catch no fish at all.


If you suspect you got Social Butterfly Syndrome, quickly check which of your social media answers these criteria:

1. It's fun.

2. Your ideal customer is a fan of this outlet.

3. You have the most following/got the most sales from

Then just ignore all other channels until this one is successful.

You should also consider checking the Troubleshooting Guide to find out what to focus on first in your shop.

4. You don't have the time (Time Management Deficiency)

Oh my, TMD is like... worse than swine flu. You start searching on Google for the answer to all your Etsy woes and you quickly degrade into checking your Facebook pokes (does anybody ever poke anymore?), the 5 emails you got while you were searching and your Whatsapp messages from your best friend's ex-girlfriend's cousin, because, yeah, that was URGENT.

Symptoms: clean, shiny desktop and also clean, shiny bank account.

Causes: I think you can safely blame this one on your mother. Or on your new puppy. He must've eaten your homework.

Cure: time management class or a deep debt in the bank that makes you go I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW.


If you suspect you got Time Management Deficiency, I suggest starting by setting your priorities straight and removing all distractions while you work (you could go cold turkey). 

5. Your shop is a mish-mash of items with no theme to it (Garage Sale Syndrome)

GSS is where you sell antiques AND handcrafted baby bibs AND turtle cozies (yeah, turtle cozies are totally a thing).

Symptoms: hoarding tendencies, sometimes confused with Shiny Business Syndrome, jack of all trades, indecisiveness.

Causes: thinking the more things you offer the better, "something for everyone", dollar store mentality.

Cure: a good dose of branding, with a side of cohesiveness.


Get some branding help. Decide on the ONE thing you want to sell, create a product line and stick to it.

6. Your SEO is like that fallen tooth from the 1st grade, forgotten in the back of your attic, right under that Leonardo DiCaprio fan folder (SE-whaaaat Syndrome)

What, you never heard of SEO? That's like the butter to your Etsy bread!

Symptoms: short attention span, easily distracted and on occasion, techno-phobia. 

Causes: Techno-phobia, while an uncommon symptom, is many times the cause. A good dose of reality check is needed to slap a techno-phob back to reality so they can understand that SEO is more like painting with crayons in kindergarten.

Cure: my super popular and highly effective SEO mini-course, which you can sign up for here: FREE 5-day Etsy SEO Challenge.


Quick! Get your hands on the SEO fundamentals cheatsheet, it will simplify your life.

So now that you're aware of these highly dangerous conditions, will you be brave enough to write in the comments below which one of these do you have?

6 Reasons You aren't making enough money on etsy 1

6 Reasons You aren't making enough money on etsy 2

6 Reasons You aren't making enough money on etsy 3

6 Reasons You aren't making enough money on etsy

  • Harriet says:

    It is hard to double zero sales, but I assume my SEO is in the tank

    • Maayan says:

      Hopefully you’ll get out of there soon! 🙂

  • Dawn says:

    #1, #3, and #4, to varying degrees..

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