5 Reasons to Keep Your Day Job While Starting Your Etsy Shop

We're all running the race for freedom.

I mean, this is why you built your business, right? To do what you love, when you want, and get a consistent income that pays your build and helps you build a brighter future.

But there are pretty awesome benefits to keeping your day job until you can stay on your own two feet that cannot be overlooked, despite our excitement and wanting to dedicate 100% of our time to our new Etsy shop.

3 Reasons Etsy SEO should be the first thing you focus on in your shop

Don't be so quick to quit your day job

1. You get a consistent salary with benefits.

Being self-employed is hard, and it's financially risky.

There's taxes and accountants and bills to be paid, and unless your shop has been making a consistent income there's never any guarantee that you'll be able to pay them next month.

Even if you do get a consistent income, there's always weaker months or standstill months and the bills just keep adding up.

Top it off with the fact that you have to pay your own medical insurance, nobody covers your sick days or off days, etc. and you'll find yourself in a financial struggle if anything happened to you while you're still in the process of building your business.


Now, I'm not normally the pessimistic kind, but we gotta be real here. Unless you have a safety net to fall on, running your own business is risky and that in itself is a great reason to keep your day job while building your business in the pace that suits you.

2. No Stress! (well, mostly no stress)

Did you know that chronic stress is linked to 6 of the leading causes of death?

Gee, that's a bit morbid.

But really, stress is a silent killer and nothing is more stressful than running your own shop, especially in the beginning (aside from having a kid. Or twelve.)

Your 9-5 usually has a time limit. You finish, you go home, you're free.

Your shop however is like those zombies ​in Legend, it never tires of bugging you, never lets you rest peacefully and eats away at most of what you own.


Just kidding.


But then again, not really πŸ˜‰ being responsible for a business means you think about it all the time. How to improve it, how to get new customers, how to handle Fred who said he's going to pay you but ran off with your product and your money.

It's the nature of things, but you can dodge it most of the day if you're working the 9-5.

3 Reasons Etsy SEO should be the first thing you focus on in your shop

3. Build your empire at your own pace.

No pressure, just build it one day at a time.

With stress removed and no financial disasters looming over your head, you're pretty much free to grow it in your own pace rather than running a rat race where sleep deprivation is taking over every good cell in your brain.

You can go as fast or as slow as you like, work when you feel like it.

Like working like a zombie 'till 3am? Do it! Have kids and can only take an hour a week, do it!

4. Your coworkers (I know, I know)

I know most coworkers aren't your best friends.

But even if they are just a kind face that greets you in the morning, that's more you're going to get as an entrepreneur. 

At least in the beginning.


Entrepreneurship is a lonely road, for most.

Especially since we're dealing with online customers, this would be our only interaction with anyone that doesn't live with us.


Of course, you don't have to be a part of the statistic and you very well can go to the coffee shop to work, but with long, unconventional working hours you're bound to get lonely at some point (unless you're home with the kids like I am).


So while I bet you never thought to stay at your work for your coworkers, ​enjoy it as long as you have the option to - you'll miss company culture one day! πŸ™‚

5. You get to look sane for another couple months

It's much easier to say you quit because you're making a full time income from your handmade business than explain that crazy dream of yours to turn sarcastic coffee mugs into a full time job. AMIRITE?

I dare you to try and explain that to your boss. Or your mom, for that matter πŸ˜‰


3 Reasons Etsy SEO should be the first thing you focus on in your shop

This is how people will start looking at you. As if you're wearing sneakers with your wonderwoman costume πŸ˜‰



To conclude, yes, there's many benefits to quitting your job, but there's also downsides to it and keeping your job might be the logical thing to do (even if the passion is burning in your heart).


And I know that it might not be easy to hear, but I want to tell you what everybody else doesn't. Sometimes it's okay to put the dream on low burner while you take care of your finances, your home, your life and just build your dream as you go.



If you enjoyed this post, please humor me, do you have a full time job? What do you do?

  • Alan says:

    Informative article. I agree. I do work full-time. I am a Senior Account Manager for a technology company.

    • Maayan says:

      Thanks for sharing, Alan! It sounds really exciting and it’s definitely a great safety net until your shop takes off (hopefully soon!) πŸ™‚

  • Sue says:

    Great perspective, and great timing for me to see this! I’m looking for full time work while I build my new business, and it’s a bit daunting to say the least! Reading this perspective certainly helps xx

    • Maayan says:

      I’m so happy to hear, Sue!
      It’s definitely not the norm, a lot of people would encourage you to quit your job, believe in your dream and go all in, but at the end of the day, that might not be the wise and calculated thing to do.
      True, it’s probably not as cool as saying “I believed in my dream, I threw caution to the wind and I did it!” but as I wrote, there’s many reasons why keeping your safe (boring) old job for the sake of stability while you’re working on building your empire πŸ™‚

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